New Year's Gosho

It is clear that those who now believe in the Lotus Sutra will gather fortune from ten thousand miles away….. The believers in the Lotus Sutra are like the sandalwood with its fragrance.

(Passage from “New Year’s Gosho”, The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, p1,137)

This letter was written to the wife of Lord Omosu whose estate was located on Omosu Village in Fuji District of Suruga Province. The precise year of this letter is unclear.

Lady Omosu is the elder sister of Nanjo Tokimitsu, one of the Daishonin’s foremost disciples. It is accounted that she was converted to the Daishonin’s Buddhism by Nikko Shonin.

This letter is Nichiren Daishonin’s response to the offerings of rice cakes and fruits made by the wife of Lord Omosu at the beginning of the year.

He praised the pure faith of believers who make sincere offerings to the Mystic Law and stated that those who believe in the Lotus Sutra (Gohonzon) will gather fortune from ten thousand miles away. The Daishonin taught that the good causes created and implanted in one’s life will surely be manifested as actual proofs of benefits in one’s daily life.

Just as a shadow follows the form of the object, one’s life will depend on how much good fortune one creates and accumulates in one’s life. One who upholds faith in the Gohonzon and exerts oneself for kosen-rufu will engrave great good causes and benefits in one’s life. These good fortunes created in one’s life will definitely be actualized in a life filled with good fortune. On the contrary, when one slanders the Mystic Law, obstructing the flow of kosen-rufu, one will erase one’s good fortune and will be inviting various misfortunes onto oneself.

Buddhism is not just ideology. It exists in a very practical and realistic level. The results of the way we live will without fail become clear, manifesting in our lives as either happiness or unhappiness. The Daishonin explained that those who practise faith in the Law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo will lead lives of boundless happiness.

The metaphor of sandalwood endowed with wonderful fragrance is used to explain that life is inherently endowed with the Buddha nature. Those who strive to practice with pure faith and dedicate their lives for the sake of the Law will manifest the strong and pure life of the Buddha, just as the sandalwood can emit wonderful fragrance. SGI President Ikeda said, “Any action taken for the sake of faith will become the source of your good fortune and benefit. Relations of cause and effect based on the Mystic Law are absolute. All of you working hard for the sake of kosen-rufu and the Law, as well as exerting yourselves for the happiness of your fellow members. Please be convinced that all such efforts will serve to change your karma and return to you as benefit.”

With deep conviction that all our action for kosen-rufu will never fail to become the source of your good fortune and benefit, let us continue to advance with great cheer to achieve total victory for kosen-rufu.