Chant for a Better Life

The Chant for a Better Life blog shares with everyone actual proofs of how SGI members overcome their lives' challenges and achieve victories to lead a happy and fulfilling life. It highlights the benefits and joy of practicing Nichiren Buddhism and participating in kosen-rufu and SGI activities through real-life accounts from SGI members and believers of Nichiren Buddhism.

This blog will only succeed in showing actual proofs and victories of our faith with your experiences on how you overcome life's challenges and achieve victories. Moreover, there may be others who are going through similar difficulties as those that you have overcome, which may offer hope and guidance to them on how to triumph over those adversities.

As such, we would like to sincerely request from you to send us your experiences to make this new blog works. Your testimonial can be a short one, e.g. how you successfully battled and recovered from an illness, have a successful business, etc., through faith in Nichiren Buddhism, or how you started your practice (what incident made you take up faith in Nichiren Buddhism).

We would like to request members from all countries to send us their testimonials in line with SGI's worldwide kosen-rufu movement.

Please include your name (abbreviation is fine) if you are fine with it, age, country, division (YWD, YMD, WD or MD), number of years of practice and any Gosho or President Ikeda's guidance that encourage you. You may attach your photograph too. Kindly email your testimonials to

Your testimonials can be sent to us as word doc or PDF attachments. Please do not worry about any grammatical or spelling mistakes as we'll help to amend them, if any.

Thank you very much in advance.